Hello, I’m Elle Griffin

After I finished my first novel, I spent an inordinate amount of time researching how to publish it. What I found is that no one reads books and thus traditional publishing isn't really working for authors. Of the 2.6 million books published in 2020, only 268 sold more than 100,000 copies and the vast majority (96 percent) sold less than 1,000 copies.

But if most books have only 1,000 fans, then charging $10 every three to five years when a new book comes out isn't the right way to monetize them. A better way might be to charge those fans $10/month to subscribe to an author, earning readers behind-the-scenes access to their favorite writers, while earning authors a $100,000/year salary in the process.

That’s why I started this newsletter. One year into this experiment I have 5,000+ newsletter subscribers and $15,000 in annual revenue—far more than I would have earned plopping my novel on Amazon. I’ve also debuted my gothic novel as a serial for my newsletter subscribers, crowdfunded a novel using cryptocurrency, and published an NFT story via Twitter.

I’m still experimenting with all the ways in which authors (and all artists) can earn a living from their craft as part of the creator economy and the web3 world. As a result, my newsletter has been featured by Business Insider, Publisher’s Weekly, Means of Creation, and Morning Brew; and in 2022, I was awarded one of 10 places in Substack’s coveted fellowship program.

I hope you’ll subscribe and join me in discovering a new world for writers!

What to expect from my newsletter

I send newsletters every Monday and new novel chapters every Friday. I’m currently serializing my gothic novel Obscurity through June of 2022—start with the prologue to get caught up!

Paid subscribers receive early access to my novel chapters (four weeks ahead of free subscribers) as well as discourse between successful artists (on alternating Mondays) and literary salon discussions.

Those at the Novelle Collector tier also receive the annual collector’s edition print magazine of The Novelleist plus first edition copies of my novels as they come out. Subscribe here for the complete experience:

The first edition of my gothic novel for my Novelle Collectors.

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Subscribe to this newsletter to follow my writing. You can also reach me at ellegriffin@substack.com. For more information about me and my work, you can find my professional portfolio here.

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