My complete spreadsheet of all of the literary agents with a proven track record selling books to Big Five publishing houses and cultivating bestselling…
In which we learn the philanthropist's secrets.
Angel investments could fund the next Renaissance.
In which a missionary turns up dead and drifting in a canoe.
What are your writing goals this year? Here are mineLet's dream way too big, shall we?
This is the spreadsheet I use to plan content, set goals for my newsletter, and track results.
In which we learn the history of three nuns named Marie, and perceive a threat to their future.
In which the couturier discovers something in the philanthropist’s quarters, and it reveals a defect in his character.
In which Scott learns something about the metaverse.
This could be how books get funded in the future.
In which we meet the Comte, and discover him in the rather unfortunate company of his wife.
In which Scott has to make a decision.