Thanks for posting the reading list on notion! I’ve structured my 2023 ‘syllabus’ largely around your reading list. There’s just something in my brain that loves seeing books and articles organized and curated...

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This is a tangential point, but I think one of the biggest challenges to the idea of leisure time in a rampantly capitalist system is that time NOT spent working is equated with NOT making money. In France, overtime is not paid monetarily, but rather with TIME OFF. If you work 8 hours of overtime, you accumulate 8 hours of "vacation time." And if you don't take that time off, you lose it. The incentive, then, is not to work TOO much, because of course France is also becoming more and more capitalistic each year, which means most people can't afford to use their "time off," effectively losing it and feeling like doofuses. But I'd rather feel like a doofus than be stressed about NOT MAKING MORE. Alas, the tangent is creating other tangents. For now, I desist.

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This is a little random, but I just read a New Yorker online article I think you might appreciate: CULTURAL COMMENT


The cool appraisal of Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi’s revolutionary book has a lot to inspire the architects of today.

By Christopher Hawthorne

January 27, 2023


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So much to get lost in...

I love the scope of your posts/essays/conversations!

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